LaurieHollywood’s celebrities spend thousands of dollars and countless hours putting together a look that’s ”just right”. They also have plenty of help with stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists and personal trainers making sure they always have that special look. Well, most of us girls don’t have the time or bank accounts for all that.

Hot in Hollywood was born out of my desire to help the thousands of women like myself who want to look hip and stylish without being a slave to fashion. Looking your best does a lot for a girl’s confidence, looking like a million bucks, without spending it, is the ultimate!

As we celebrate our 11th anniversary here at Hot in Hollywood, I want to thank all of you who have tried our products and loved them, for helping make Hot in Hollywood a success. I hope that you take the time to really acknowledge the stars you are in your own lives. A girl has gotta feel like a star on the inside to look like one on the outside!  Or is it the other way around? (wink)

Be beautiful.