For every little detail I share about my life, I’m ten times more curious about yours.  When I’m on air and I see thousands of products going out the door, I’m dying to know what is happening when they reach their destination.  Where are you wearing the pieces?  Are they making you happy?  Did you get compliments from your friends?  WHAT IS THE STORY??  That is why we started our “Story Model” program.

Our story models test-drive our products and serve as Hot in Hollywood ambassadors.  As a story model, you will receive Hot in Hollywood products prior to the show.  After a chance to wear your fabulous new pieces, you’ll call in to one of our Hot in Hollywood shows on HSN and share the stories from your life that are uniquely “you”.  Our story model program is a volunteer and unpaid position, but the products we send you are yours to keep and your participation on-air is something I truly look forward to.

We love our “Story Model” program because it’s given us a chance to get to know you a little better.  And now we’d love to hear from you!  Email to apply OR simply fill out the application below.

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